Frequently Asked Questions

What design can I get on a monument?

If you can image it we can make it happen! Bring in your ideas and we can work together to design the monument the way you want it. If you have a picture or wordage in mind bring it with you. If you need some inspiration we offer several design books to browse through. It is really up to you when it comes to creating the memorial you want.

What is a columbarium?

A small compartment also called a niche to hold cremated remains. They can be located within a mausoleum or in a memorial garden.

What are the rules for cemetery installation?

Each cemetery has different requirements so the best option is to speak with you cemetery’s caretaker before purchasing a monument. If you do not know who to contact we can help you find the right person.

What is the proper grave position for husband and wife?

While there is no set ‘rule’ for who is buried on the left or right tradition usually places the husband on the left and the wife on the right if you were standing at the foot of the grave. When purchasing you monument it is the responsibility of the customer to know which name will be placed on which side of the monument.